He Could Be Sleeping


He Could Be Sleeping is a fifty-minute staged exploration of modern American society’s outlook on gender and sexuality. A memory play that centers around the life and relationships of transgender college junior Matty Arnold, the story moves nonlinearly through his life and struggles. However, Matty is no longer in control of his world. After a homophobic assault on him and his boyfriend, Jamie, Matty falls into a coma, lost in the world of his own mind. Able to see and hear the world around him, but unable to interact with it, Matty can only watch his parents and boyfriend as they try to deal with what has happened. The situation is only made worse by his parents’ persistent misgendering of him as female. Matty is, as he has been for most of his life, seen only as his body, something that he shares very little with.

Production History

Hampshire College Studio Theatre Workshop Production

March 14-15, 2012


Poster design  by M aggie Karlin & Arianna Mayer

Poster design by Maggie Karlin & Arianna Mayer


Hampshire College, 2012

Dir. Jimmy Lovett

Photos © Jalana Sloatman, 2012