I am a freelance writer, creator, and social media manager living and working (currently as a bookseller) in New York City.

My theatrical work has a wide range, stretching from period drama to modern comedy. My scripts feature queer characters and themes, but the core of my work has always been storytelling. I enjoy exploring ideas of what is left behind by a life, in both emotional and metaphorical ways and the literal sense of ghosts. My works include both one- and two-act scripts and a commissioned piece.

I studied at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts where I created my own major focused in playwriting and directing with an eye to queer narratives, social justice, and collaborative theatre-making. I worked in the student-run theatre department and had three original plays produced, two of which were part of the department's official seasons. My senior thesis, “Complacency: A Theatrical Exploration of Audience Intervention,” explored the place of the audience in interactive and immersive theatre as well as themes of abuse, depression, suicide, and lack of mental health resources on college campuses. I worked with many wonderful professors at Hampshire and in the Five Colleges, including Talya Kingston, William MacAdams, Ellen Donkin, and Connie Congdon.